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Aero Products Partners

We’re Proud to Distribute Parts For The Most Trusted Names In The Aerospace Industry.

Lord Corporation

Aero Products is an authorized global distributor of LORD rotary wing elastomeric products and sub-components for Bell 206 and 407 aircraft. Maintaining elastomeric components is crucial to the safe operation of the aircraft and for prolonging component life. Understanding the maintainability of these components begins right at the design process. LORD Corporation, a leader in elastomer technology, works very closely with helicopter design engineers to determine the correct size and life cycle needed for the aircraft.

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Pall Aerospace

Pall Corporation has been an innovator in the field of filtration and purification for commercial and military rotary wing aircraft for more than 40 years. They apply new contamination control technologies to develop “fit-and-forget” products that are easy to install and maintain, with excellent and consistent performance over the long term.

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Van Horn Aviation

Aero Products Component Services is now part of the global distribution network for the new Van Horn Aviation 206B series Composite M/R Blades, which have an 18,000 hour service life. We have been part of the network for the Van Horn Composite T/R Blades since 2011, selling more than 250 Blades without an issue. With this track record we look forward to supplying your needs for both Main & Tail Rotor Blades.

Aeronautical Accessories

The Aeronautical Accessories brand is the best choice for helicopter aftermarket products. Serving helicopter maintainers and operators worldwide, Aeronautical Accessories offers quality replacement parts and accessories for Bell Helicopter, Leonardo, Enstrom, Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) MD, Sikorsky, and Robinson helicopters. Achieving your objectives is easy with the Aeronautical Accessory product line which combines innovative design and reliable operation and performance. Aero Products maintains more than 225K in On-Hand Inventory and offers same day shipping.

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