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Parker-LORD Products

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Aero Products is proud to stock Parker LORD products. These products help you manage the challenges of noise, vibration, and weight in flight critical components and systems.

Learn more about our Parker-LORD offerings for your BELL 206/407

Aero Products stocks LORD STC upgrades, and LORD PMA replacement parts, as well as, provide your Bell 206B/L & 407 with repair and overhaul services, We keep your aircraft in the air and generating revenue. We also reduce your maintenance costs. Our exchange pools provide rapid response on high usage items, enabling you to keep a smaller spares inventory.

BELL 206B/L MRO Parts & Services

Flap Restraint Arm

  • OEM P/N: 206-011-139-001
  • LORD P/N: J-14258-3
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange

Pylon Mount

  • OEM P/N: 206-030-539-101
  • LORD P/N: LB9-1301-1
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange

Elastomeric T/R Trunnion Bearing

  • OEM P/N: 206-011-812-005
  • LORD P/N: LB2-1010-20-2
  • Service Type: STC/PMA

Pylon Link -206L

  • OEM P/N: 206-033-554-101
  • LORD P/N: LB6-1010-16-1
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange

Downstop Stop Assembly -206L

  • OEM P/N: 206-033-518-007
  • LORD P/N: J-15425-2
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange

Transmission Restraints -206L

  • OEM P/N: 206-033-506-107, -109, -101 UPGRADE
  • LORD P/N: J-15413-20, -21, -17
  • Service Type OH/Exchange/Upgrade

BELL 407 MRO Parts & Services

Aero Products stocks LORD 407 Rotor Hub Elastomeric Bearing Kits which Include 3 YEAR / 2500 Hour Service Life Warranty

M/R Hub Damper

  • OEM P/N: 407-310-100-107
  • LORD P/N: J-17750-25
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange

Lead Lag Bearing

  • OEM P/N: 407-310-102-103
  • LORD P/N: LB4-1232-7-1
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange
  • SPE IIA Equipped Part

Shear Bearing

  • OEM P/N: 407-310-101-105
  • LORD P/N: LB9-1232-6-1
  • Service Type: OH/Exchange
  • SPE IIA Equipped Part

Aero Products also stocks Parker LORD

BELL 407 Corner Mount