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Inventory Consignment

Turn Your Surplus Fleet and Inventory Into Positive Cash Flow.

Let Aero Products quickly and effectively pair your aged inventory with potential customers.

Inventory Consignment & Decommissioning


Surplus fleet or inventory sitting in an isolated warehouse is a liability to your bottom line.

Aero Products specializes in actively marketing your unused products to their potential buyers. Sales of consignment inventory accounts for over 25% of our annual revenue, so it’s a segment of our business that we take seriously. We’ve made significant investments in personnel and specialized equipment to ensure efficiency and improve marketing effectiveness to ensure that our clients get the highest possible return on their investments.


Are you planning to retire your once-valued asset?

Decommissioning is not merely an aircraft “part-out”—it’s a proven way to maximize your return and profitability and unlock unrealized value. Rather than selling a complete aircraft for pennies-on-the-dollar, Aero Products will help you sell the sum of its valued parts and accessories, providing you with an opportunity for additional working capital or renewed investment monies.

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