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Aero Products and Pall Aerospace Partner – Aero Products is now the exclusive distributor for Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filters Partner

Aero Products has teamed up with Pall Aerospace to promote distribution of the PUREair Dry Barrier Filters. Aero Products is confident their customer will welcome the benefits of these maintenance-free FAA-PMA direct fit replacements over traditional oil-wetted filters.

Airborne contamination by a helicopter engine can result in erosion, corrosion, and component wear, which add to overall maintenance and operational costs.  “In today’s market, our customers are looking for the most efficient maintenance options. We are excited to offer this fit and forget improvement to inlet filtration on both Bell and Airbus helicopters,” said Ted Johnson, Aero Products President. A  PUREair system includes several benefits:

“We believe the Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filters will allow our customers to be ready anytime – every time, and isn’t that the real purpose of helicopter operation” stated Jeff Winn, Aero Products Vice President.

To learn more about Aero Products and Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filters, please visit www.aeroproducts.com.

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