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For your convenience below you will find "quick reference" to all the Alert and Technical bulletins for select Aeronautical Accessories products.   

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Accessory Bulletins

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Energy Absorber Crew Seat Kit

SR09373RC-D 412 BHVM with SmartCycle

Rappelling Fixture Upgrade Kit P/N TB-08097-001

Rappelling Fixture Upgrade Kit P/N TB-09001-001

BHT 407 SFIM PA85-31 2-Axis Autopilot Tecnical Bulletin

Forward and Aft Crosstube Failure

Egress Tool Kit

Passenger Shoulder Harness Kit

412 High Aft Crosstube

Emergency Pushout Window

PC Safety Valve

Flat Crew Window

Replacement Nitrogen Reservoir

Energy Attenuating Wire

Forward & Aft Crosstubes

Lightweight Emergency Floatation Kit

High Visibility Crew Door (Kits)

External Hoist Kits

External Hoist Kits

Hoist Support Fairing Assembly

Aft Crosstube Assembly

412 Aft Crosstube Assembly

412 Aft Crosstube Assembly

PC Safety Valve for Turbomeca

Breeze Eastern 300lb Rescue Hoist

Hoist Support Installation


412 Bell Helicopter Vibration Monitor